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Forge Fit Functional “F3” Conditioning

The System

What exactly is F3 Conditioning? Forge Fit Functional Conditioning, or F3, is a training system developed by Body Forge Fitness Corp owner and CPT, Shane Dreibelbis, over the last 20 years.  Based around 9 fundamental body movements, F3 guides clients through a Progressively Advancing System of Exercise, or P.A.S.E., ensuring the most efficient and effective development in every major element of fitness.

The 9 Fundamental Movements

-Press, Pull, Push, Lift, Walk, Run, Jump, Sit, Stand

The 7 Elements of Fitness

-Strength, Power, Endurance, Balance, Flexibility, Coordination, Reflex

The Tools

With complete fitness in mind, and functional “real world” applications as the priority, F3 Conditioning uses ropes, tires, heavy and awkward objects, plyometric boxes, slamballs, kettlebells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, gymnastic rings and nearly anything else that can be picked up, climbed on or crawled through!  Almost anything can be an effective training tool when used properly and F3 Conditioning provides the knowledge and direction to do just that.  

The Difference

What makes F3 Conditioning different from every other program out there?  It is all about the instruction.  For starters, all F3 Conditioning Instructors are certified personal trainers at a minimum, and must also meet rigorous physical criteria through the F3 Conditioning system.  If an instructor can’t perform an exercise, how can they teach anyone else?  Also, classes are limited in size for a reason.  Not every client can be expected to advance at the same rate.  Individual attention is often needed, and F3 Conditioning provides personalized assistance to meet each client’s unique goals. Experienced guidance, educated instruction, personalized goal setting and F3’s carefully structured P.A.S.E. program sets Forge Fit Functional Conditioning apart from all the rest. Get “Forge Fit” Today!    
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