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Forge Fit Kettlebell Conditioning

The Origin & History

The Kettlebells beginnings date back as far as ancient Greece, though their recent prominence in modern exercise facilities owes much of their popularity to their more widely recognized Russian roots.  In Russia, they were originally thought to be used by farmers and in markets as counterweights, measuring grain and other trade goods.  Some time in the early 1900’s, Russian military adopted them for strength training.  Ultimately, in the late 1990’s, Kettlebells were introduced to the U.S. fitness mainstream. 

The Tool

The Kettlebell is a simple but effective training tool, comprised of an iron weight with a U-shaped handle on one end.  The design allows for dynamic, fluid movements through many different ranges of motion.  The kettlebell is one of the very few pieces of exercise equipment that, if properly employed, addresses each of the 9 Fundamental Movements and 7 Elements of Fitness that make up the foundation of the Forge Fit Functional Conditioning system, making it one of the most versatile and useful exercise implements available. 

The Program

Our Kettlebell Conditioning program is modeled after our successful F3 System, a 12 week, 24 session course providing detailed education and direction using Forge Fits Progressively Advancing System of Exercise, or P.A.S.E. philosophy.  Beginning with the 5 Fundamental Kettlebell Movements (Swing, Squat, Press, Clean, Snatch) clients are taught appropriate posture, grips, breathing, muscle bracing and core integrity.  The conditioning challenges increase in synergy with each client’s personal progression, continually providing optimal intensity and educated guidance in a safe and friendly group environment.
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